Paintball Frequently Asked Questions

Why play paintball?

It’s awesome fun! Just like hide and seek but with a challenge. If you love adventure and have a competitive spirit you will love it!

Who can play paintball?

Everyone over 12yo can play – men and women compete equally. Physical strength and size are not as important as intelligence and cunning. Being able to think quickly and decisively is what makes you a winner. Paintball is as fast and furious a sport as the player wishes it to be. It is played on both a social and a serious level by a large number of people around the world. It is one of the fastest growing sports , and when you play your first game you will see why!

Why Outdoor is Better than Indoor Paintball in Newcastle?

Planning a paintball adventure for you and your mates, but can’t decide where to go? If you’re looking for the ultimate in action and adventure – a real competitive yet fun battle experience – there’s nothing quite like outdoor. Outdoor courses are like real combat terrain, complete with buildings, shelters, hills and other aspects to challenge your strategy skills and coordination. With indoor paintball in Newcastle, you’re usually restricted to a couple of obstacles and narrow passages where there’s little challenge except being the first one to pull the trigger.

Outdoor facilities are also more likely to have enough space for a large group to book at the same time – perfect for large social or competitive groups. It’s clearly a better choice than indoor paintball if you’re looking for a real authentic experience.
Hunter Valley Paintball is located just half an hour away from the heart of Newcastle via the Pacific Highway. Once you pass the lake on the right, keep a look out for Italia Road on the left. The turnoff to our property is on the left; please make sure to follow the speed sign directions when you arrive.
To see the battlefields you can take on when you come to Hunter Valley Paintball, don’t forget to check out our Battlefields page. For more information or to make your booking, call or contact us online now.

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