Looking for party ideas near the Newcastle | Sydney?

You’ve come to the right page! Paintballing is a great idea for extra special birthdays for older kids. There are so many reasons why teens and young adults book parties with us, not least of which are:

  1. It’s high energy and active! Many older kids don’t want to sit around playing military video games – they want to get out there and experience the action for themselves. Our authentically set up battlefields allow them to practice their strategy, get active and enjoy a bit of friendly competition in the great outdoors.
    It’s the hottest social sport since dodgeball – there are whole movies and TV episodes based on playing paintball.
  2. It’s surprisingly affordable. When you break down the cost of our package deals, it’s relatively little per person. These days, it can cost a lot per head to put on a party at a restaurant or function venue – even just at home, when you add all the bells and whistles like a DJ or AV gear. Paintball is cheap when you consider the great memories they’ll make.
  3. Located just an hour away from the heart of the Central Coast via the Pacific Highway, we’re an ideal destination for big kids parties. Central Coast groups have plenty of options for transport to and from our battlefields; there is limited parking onsite, or you could even hire a minibus to bring the whole crew.

For more on booking (older) kids parties on the Central Coast with us, please get in touch online – we’re happy to answer any questions you may have.

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